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What are EMF's?

(Technical Explanation)

Kevin's Perspective

The abbreviation "EMF's" stands for electromagnetic fields. An electromagnetic field in my personal view,  is a "universal" dynamic fluid-like information system that operates across 3-phases of space.  This universal theory of electricity doesn't exist yet in science which keeps our current understanding of electricity in the world of quantum field theory and relativity today, which is a very distorted form of light and electricity that is purely out of phase with nature's divine intelligence,  that has the potential to disturb the human bodies natural growth and metabolic system.


Below is an example of a "relative" transverse electromagnetic wave that fills our personal living spaces today.









Electric charge is what's truly fundamental to this electromagnetic field here,  which appears to be an invisible "information quality" stored within a mysterious dark matter substance located within a non-physical dimension of space where the electromagnetic wave's x, y, and z axis converge,  and particle physics is trying to comprehend this dark matter substance at facilities like CERN which seems to control the subjective nature of this electromagnetic field via "resonance".


Electric charge also serves as the most basic property of all living matter,  which becomes animated by this information quality of electric charge that is governed by the "electron" fundamentally,  because the electron represents the true storage source of all electric charge in science today.


Personally,  I think that the electron is unified within this dark matter substance in ways we haven't discovered yet that is connected to what memory is within the human mind, and this becomes the true fourth phase of matter in my work which is a fully shielded plasma type of compressed gaseous dielectric fluid that is multi-dimensional in it's nature,  that maintains a perfectly grounded connection directly into the empty aether space that was eliminated from science just over 100 years ago.


Developing an accurate understanding of how nature controls this electro-magnetic field fundamentally based on it's past history and future growth possibilities, becomes absolutely essential for us to truly comprehend because if our knowledge is "not" in harmony with the divine intelligence of nature, then our created technologies will become completely destructive and manipulative to all biological life on this planet.  This is why we need to pay very close attention to all the man-made EMF's in our personal living spaces today.


Why should I be concerned about EMF's?

Since our living environments are filled with this type of artificial electromagnetic radiation that's created by the intellectual human mind,  I believe our bodies "feel" this changing transverse electromagnetic field motion as a very subtle stress disturbance to the "mind" that can disrupt natural life sustaining metabolic activity within the physical body.


I think this disruptive event happens to the bodies subtle auric field first that appears invisible to the 5-senses,  which is an information field of electric potential that's simulated by the rotating magnetic field that is all around the physical body.  It's this information field that is electrically coupled directly to the plasma phase of water within the physical body just like an induction motor circuit,  and it's the memory located deep within the water that becomes truly disturbed when the auric field is disturbed by the transverse EMF initially by means of dielectric field current induction.  This memory faculty lies deep within the proton(+) element that's non-physical to us in nature that I describe in more detail in my videos and writings.  Water is what becomes the bodies true working fluid here which maintains a perfect electrical connection to every living cell and bacteria within the human body,  and I think the EMF disturbs the VGCC (Voltage gated calcium channel) on the cell membrane that separates the cell's inner and outer environments through this disturbance to water.  This can result in chronic low grade inflammation that can show up anywhere in the body, but only if the radiating electromagnetic frequencies are not in harmony with the body's true inner cyclic metabolic intelligence.


This electromagnetic radiation enters into our personal living spaces and emits from the electric power lines and transformers within our living communities.  This EM radiation also radiates from the power wiring in all of our walls,  floors,  and ceilings,  it radiates superficially in the visible light spectrum from all of our artificial man-made light sources, it emits tremendously from the inverters used in solar power systems, and from other non-linear electrical devices that distort the incoming ac power source which produces harmonics or dirty electricity. This EM radiation also radiates from the earth from underground geopathic stress zones,  and it radiates wirelessly from cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, WiFi routers, baby monitors, medical devices, and bluetooth devices to name just a few.


This produces immense amounts of artificial electromagnetic radiation within our personal living space,  and this has the capacity to disturb vital metabolic and growth processes that happen within the human body.


What can I do to protect myself  & my home?

It's practically impossible to eliminate 100% of the man-made electromagnetic radiation within your personal living space,  but there are many things that you can do to drastically improve your living environment to better protect you, and your family's health and well being.

EMF testing is a powerful tool that you can use to evaluate the level of risk within your personal living space. Since these changing fields are completely invisible to the physical 5-senses,  it becomes very challenging to accurately assess your level of risk without using a proper method of testing,  and occupying a thorough intellectual understanding of how this type of radiation is produced and distributed throughout your living space.


At Energy Alignment Solutions, we pay very close attention to the living spaces that you and your family spend most of your time in.  This includes your sleeping areas,  and your common areas like an office or entertaining space.  These are spaces where your body sits in a more static position for longer periods of time,  and this is where your body becomes the most vulnerable for developing electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), which is a condition that mimics most of the symptoms of our modern diseases today.

Energy Alignment Solutions tests your home and living spaces to building biologist guidelines.  These guidelines provide very strict EMF tolerances that must be achieved if we want to live in an EMF safe environment today.  We give the best practical advice on how to bring your living space within these safe EMF tolerances by eliminating the radiating sources if at all possible,  and using the best EMF remediation products on the market today.

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