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Whole Home Structured Water Solutions


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Hydreva is a great whole home water conditioning system that is easily installed into your existing plumbing system.  

A sediment and carbon filter is recommended as a pre-filter prior to installation.

Hydreva Structured Water

Hydreva® has the most impressive patents of any product in the global structured water field.  While the science of living water created via crystalline restructuring is not well understood, the US Patent & Trade Office does not grant patents unless the underlying science is proven. Hydreva has two foundational patents covering its path-breaking frequency embedding (US# 7473374),  and energy collection methods (US# 20130328729).


For all Hydreva product inquiries,  please contact us directly. 


Before                          After

Water that is naturally guided by the intelligence of nature,  stays perfectly structured containing vital information potential.  This is the intelligence that we need to bring back into our water supply today,  and it all begins with dynamic sound vibration.


Drinking Water Solutions


The homecare Lite unit is great for RO drinking water systems, water coolers, and shower wands

The President Water Company:

Vortex motion is fundamental to all life.  A series of vortex events are created as the water passes through the president water devices, causing a massive acceleration in the "spin state" giving the water increased energy to perform useful metabolic work inside the human body.


A traveller unit allows you to have structured water anywhere you go.

Please use coupon code: energyalignment369 at the checkout to receive 10% of your next order.


(Prices are in USD dollars)

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