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EMF’s would be impossible to avoid completely unless you were living without electricity and technology,  but there is a lot you can do to clean up your personal living environment.  There are many practical EMF remediation suggestions that we can recommend to help reduce your exposure to this invisible toxic energy.  How do you get started?  Contact us today to book a full EMF inspection,  or to request a quote with a qualified EMF specialist.


What EMF inspection and consulting services do we offer?

Option 1: EMF Phone consultation.

This service includes a 45 minute phone or zoom call to discuss your current living situation.  I will ask a series of questions that better help me determine what kind of EMF living standards you live in,  and give you some advice and remediation tips that can help you better deal with the EMF stress in your personal living space.  You can also bring any questions of concerns you have as well,  so we can discuss them in more detail.  This is a great option for those that are new to the EMF field,  and for those that just want to learn more about how to better protect yourself from the EMF's in your living environment,  and know where the hidden EMF hot-spots truly are in your home.

Option 2:  In home EMF Pre-inspection service.


We begin with an in-home EMF pre-inspection which includes the following:

- Pre-inspection for any cell phone towers,  masts,  transformers,  and power lines within your geographical area.

- The EMF specialist will ask you a series of questions,  to better assess the potential hazards within your home.

- The EMF specialist will then proceed with his thorough in home inspection using a several different commercial grade meters.

Each of his measurements will be documented and compared against the Building Biology Safety Standards.

- The EMF specialist will produce a full EMF inspection report indicating your level of risk within your personal living spaces, which includes body voltage testing when we are exposed to high levels of electric fields,  and make recommendations for remediation in the high EMF locations.  

- Our initial inspection and consultation is charged based on the location you live in,  and the size of your home or office space.

- The cost of our initial EMF inspection and consultation DOES NOT include any remediation materials,  or any scope of remediation work.  which you can consider in Option 3 below if you wish to take action.

Note:  This pre-inspection will require the EMF specialist to turn breakers or fuses off and on for a few hours in your main electrical panel,  so please make the necessary preparations for this.  The EMF specialist will ask you to turn off all of your wireless devices in your home which includes the WiFi,  any bluetooth devices,  and your cell phones.

Option 3: EMF Remediation service (Optional)    


If you wish to proceed with any EMF remediation work that was outlined in the EMF inspection report,  an EMF consultation is required so we can produce a full scope of work,  which may require sub-contractor services like a licensed electrician,  or a painter.  This remediation service is available at Energy Alignment Solutions and the full remediation assessment is charged by the hour,  until a full scope of work is generated,  and signed off by the contractor that has been subbed in to do the work.  This special service may involve travel charges if you live outside the greater Toronto area.

Please Contact Us to begin your in-home EMF inspection now.


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