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Why Choose Us?

We are experienced

At Energy Alignment Solutions we have over 15 years of experience in the electrical engineering design field,  we also have extensive experience in the manufacturing of various custom electrical assemblies and robotic machinery,  project management,  and in the automated robotic welding systems industry.
Due to our own personal health and wellness challenges over the years,  we have well over 15 years of personal research and experience in the natural health and wellness industry.  This includes energy and electro-medicine, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, natural supplements, vastu shastra and feng shui,  water treatment and structured water science,  ayurvedic healing,  natural lighting solutions that are EMF friendly, grounding and earthing techniques, infrared sauna technologies, mind management for stress resilience, natural detoxification, dental and oral health,  optimizing digestive health,  and detoxifying our home using organic, green,  or natural products.

The awareness to EMF's and health and wellness came to me when I was battling chronic Lyme disease, when I finally realized how the artificial electro-magnetic radiation in our environment can be a huge risk factor for the development of chronic disease with time. This is when I began to use my electrical engineering knowledge and skills to help protect myself, my family, and all of my clients from this invisible form of "artificial" electro-magnetic energy.

We are qualified

I (Kevin) have a diploma in electronics enginnering technology from the RCC college in Toronto.  I am a Certified IPC trainer which teaches people how to build soldered electrical assemblies, and printed circuit boards to some of the highest quality standards in the world.  I have a vast experience in managing electrical engineering design projects in the robotics welding industry, and in the electric power distribution industry.  I have experience in managing industrial automation manufacturing operations, and complex assembly environments. I have extensive experience in lean manufacturing practices, quality assurance, and project managing large scale  automation projects in the robotic welding industry. I am a certified machinery safety expert (CMSE) which is a qualification that's recognized worldwide,  that provides a sustainable 360° overview of the field of automated robotic machinery safety and EMC standards used in CSA, UL, and CE marking standards.

               EMC stands for:
   "electromagnetic compatibility"

I have been an EMF specialist since 2016, and I have extensive training in how to detect and measure complex electromagnetic radiation within our personal living spaces. Our experience also includes eight years of customer service with one of the most reputable nutraceutical companies in North America,  which has given us a wealth of natural health product knowledge.


We care about your wellbeing

Energy Alignment Solutions is a small, but highly focused company that is committed to technical excellence. Continued education and learning is important to us to keep up to date in engineering design changes, the advancement of technology, and the evolution of health and wellness. We strive to provide energy alignment solutions to better improve the health and safety of our clients personal living spaces. Complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

This unique field of work has truly become personal for myself and Jessica.  We bring many years of direct field experience with EMF remediation,  and what it can do for you and your family's health and well being.  We truly believe that that by remediating the EMF's in our home has made a significant improvement to our ongoing chronic health challenges over the past several years.

Kevin And Jessica

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